The Great Piggy Bank Adventure

The Great Piggy Bank AdventureThe Great Piggy Bank Adventure is a digital Disney theme park which allows both kids and their parents to learn about the importance of wise financial planning, smart investing, and saving in the simple and interesting way. It is a virtual board game which challenges players to define their goals and gives them the idea how to reach them in the first place.

It is a game created by T. Rowe Price in cooperation with Walt Disney Company in 2009, and it was meant to complement the existing interactive exhibit at the Disney Epcot Center in Florida. The game is a part of “Innoventions,” which represents Disney’s commitment to deliver brand experiences which are both going to be fun and educational for the young adults.

The Great Piggy Bank Adventure online teaches kids about some of the most important financial concepts and how to use them to complete the game and achieve their dreams. The game is created and meant for the kids between the age of 8 and 14. Kids are also encouraged to play with their parents and ask them for help or advice in order to complete their tasks.

This game is a good start for your child to learn how to manage his/hers finances and help you more easily explain to him/her the importance of financial planning and saving. There are also many applications that would help parents manage their money and facilitate planning their monthly expenses by tracking the balance on their accounts and most importantly, not exceeding their budget. Once you get better in planning and managing your finances and sticking to a strict budget, then you can have fun with some online games where you can earn money. There are many different online games on the internet, but as a beginning, we would advise you to start with something easier and at the same time very enjoyable, such as slots. You can learn the rules of the different types of slots at, as well as what bonuses you can get and at the slots – they are a lot. But for now we will continue with The Great Piggy Bank Adventure.

With the help of the Great Piggy Bank Adventure kids are able to learn:
• The importance of setting goals, saving and spending wisely
• Terms such as inflation, asset allocation, and diversification
• How to make tough choices which may or may not affect their financial plans
• How to use various investment strategies for growing assets
• How to choose and accomplish their own personal dream goals

The Experience at Innoventions

The Great Piggy Bank Adventure was primarily a part of Innoventions at Epcot theme park at Walt Disney World Resort. It is a thrilling journey which helps the whole family learn about the importance of financial planning. This experience, brought by T. Rowe Price, combines both physical and virtual elements in order to create learning challenges that will be fun for both kids and their parents.

After the team became aware of the success and the importance of this educational process for a wider audience, T. Rowe Price in collaboration with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Online created an exciting, online game which would complement their experience at Epcot theme park. T. Rowe Price was established back in 1937, and their primary belief is that an investment firm should act in the best interest of its clients which also lead them to the completion of this amazing project.

Best Mobile Finance Apps of 2017

With the development of technology and with the help of human creativity banking and managing money keeps getting easier. Now, there is no need to wait in long lines in banks to deposit a check and no painful paying bills. This means, that everything you need to do concerning your financial transactions you can do in the comfort of your home. Because of the fast life and your limited free time, developers are trying to get simpler ways of doing your boring chores. For that reason, there are many great apps lately that are necessary elements in your everyday life. These personal finance apps will alert us to pay bills, track our account balances, and most importantly, always stay within our budgets. Options are endless, and once we start using these apps, we will surely pay more attention to our spending and savings.

▒ Mint

mintThis is a free app which is available for U.S. and Canada only. It is an excellent personal financial application for iOS and Android devices, which offers a complete look at all your account balances. Furthermore, all your balances can be updated in real time if you have Internet connection access. It sorts out your transactions and alerts you in case you are going over your budget. It is a quick and reliable option, and it is the easiest way to track your account.

▒ Venmo

VenmoVenmo is a free app which allows you to send and receive cash from friends effortlessly and at any time. This app has rather basic functions, but they work perfectly. It offers a clear focus and strong execution which makes it one of the best mobile payment systems. However, it is only necessary to pay attention to make your account activity private. Otherwise, you can accidentally broadcast to everyone that you are swapping money among friends since it works closely with social networks.

▒ LearnVest

LearnVestThis app is also free. However, you can choose optional financial advisory services from $19 per month with additional $299 initiation fee. It offers comprehensive monitoring of your accounts, and it resembles Mint. However, it includes a pricey offer for help by a real financial advisor. Unfortunately, it is only available on iPhone and the Web.


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